Saturday, June 06, 2009

Six reasons to move interstate

We went to the airport last night to pick up my uncle, who was on his way home after visiting his children in Melbourne.

They told us his flight arrived at 11pm.

The arrivals board told us the plane was due at 11.40pm.

There were delays and it landed at 12.05am instead.

Oh, and then they had to wait for the flight to Sydney to depart, so the Melbourne plane could dock. It was 1am by the time the passengers disembarked. I could hear the airport parking fees ringing up in my head, ka-ching! Ka-ching!

I would have been irate but then my uncle handed me this:

and I lifted the lid and saw these:

All is forgiven!


Anonymous said...

They do look good! Maybe you and I should look into opening a franchise in Perth. Maybe over the soon to be Northbridge Link? But would there be any profits after we turn into the Michelin man fron testing the product too much? jaymez

an9ie said...

I think all the profits will have to go towards our quadruple bypass surgeries!

Judith said...

I think Puffin Donuts are even better - love that choux pastry donutty delight! :)

an9ie said...

Looking up my nearest Puffin Fresh Donuts in the Yellow Pages now!

Miss A said...

I just had some "Dreamy Donuts" from Carousel and they're pretty good. Awesome flavours- cheesecake, turkish delight, passionfruit, musk, just to name a few.
I might even rate them better than Krispy Kreme. Second opinion anyone?

tokyobling said...

Def not good for your waist those are! But very yunny indeed. It's amusing to hear that they had to wait for a gate to clear. Who on earth uses the gates at midnight even in a big airport like that? The Australian Air Force?

The same thing has happened to me, we're in the plane, waiting for a gate to clear, while looking at the airport with about 25 empty gates! Amazing. At least they should put better liars on the phone. haha...