Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Two Sundays ago, MFC and I were driving back to his place when something black and shiny streaked past the car. MFC hit the brakes and missed it by a few inches.

As it was black, we didn't think it was a wild rabbit (the usual culprits around here who like playing chicken with your car). We hopped out of the car and went looking for the mystery creature (secretly hoping it was a puppy), but couldn't see or hear anything, so we continued up the driveway and forgot about it.

Tonight MFC was on his way home when the black thing streaked past his car again. He stopped and looked in the bushes, and found a little black rabbit! It didn't run away into a hole, but hopped around in a wishy-washy "I don't mind if I get caught" way. It only took a few minutes for MFC to swoop own on it and carry it back to the house. So it looks like the little guy could be someone's pet that has escaped (or been dumped).

MFC called me after he'd settled the rabbit in the laundry with some water and a jumper to lie on. Apparently it's a little thin and has some scratches from being attacked, but apart from that, is pretty healthy. It's also quite friendly and doesn't mind being picked up (unlike that demon, Mao. "Hand-reared" my ARSE, you stupid pet shop!)

MFC: We should think of a name for him.

an9ie: Him? How do you know it's a boy?

MFC: Because when I chased him, he grunted, and then squirted pee at me.

an9ie: LOL!

an9ie: Maybe we can call him Bun-bun!

MFC: I was thinking of something a little more grown-up.

an9ie: MR Bun-bun?

MFC: Something that doesn't sound like a three-year-old thought of it.


Anonymous said...

How about "Dinner"? Jaymez

Anonymous said...

LOL you guys are always so silly XD