Sunday, May 17, 2009

A nice wedding party

MFC and I went to a wedding yesterday, held in a fancy Catholic chapel. A fancy Catholic chapel in a fancy Catholic girls' school in the middle of the city, no less.
On our way in, we noticed that high-rise apartments had been erected near the school grounds, and all their windows faced the school's swimming pool. I don't know how that got through the council, but ... ewww!
Quotes from the day:
MFC (sweating in his nice suit): I wish I had a comfortable slinky dress to wear.

an9ie: Well. the strapless bra that goes with it hurts like a bitch, if that's any consolation.

And later, when the dancing started at the reception:

MFC: You know, I had two years of dance lessons in school.

Yep, MFC is indeed a good dancer. Much better than I am, in fact, dammit. I kept stepping on his feet, but he was sweet enough to say it was because his feet were too big, and not because I am a klutz.

an9ie: And I also see you have managed to make up an entirely new kind of dance, which is 90% groping.

MFC: That was an accident!