Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time to shift some pounds

Yes, I know we're on the metric system in Australia, but "pounds" just flows better in a sentence. (I also like to use terms that help my American readers feel at home. Hi guys!)

You know how in the Nancy Drew books they always, ALWAYS describe poor Bess as "plumply pretty" and George as "athletic" or "tom-boyish"?

Well, I'm a Bess who desperately wants to be a George. I saw a video of myself at the zoo (we could have all sorts of fun with that one, so I'll just let you use your imaginations) and the camera really does add 20 pounds. I think I could have painted myself grey and crept into the elephant enclosure, and no one would notice.

If cameras did not exist, there would be more happy women in the world.

I think I'm going to join a religion that forbids people from taking my picture, because they might capture my soul.

Take that, technology!


Genevieve said...

Hi Angie! *waves*
I kind of like the idea of kg! It makes me feel like I weigh so much less XD

I think I saw a movie once where people were afraid of cameras capturing people's souls but it was just this one camera that did that...

Anonymous said...

I think if you are gaining weight then it should be measured in Kgs and if you are losing weight it should be measured in pds for obvious reasons. BTW as a very discerning male I think I am qualified to say that you have a great figure an9ie as the pic of you with the blow up guitar attested! And you in that smokin red cocktail dress! Jaymez