Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time for a hearing test

My mother pops her head into my room and says:

"Angie, would you like some semen sponge cake?"

an9ie: WHAT? (Walks into kitchen.) I really hope you said, "cement sponge cake". (Looks suspiciously at baked goods on plate.)



Ching said...

Okay, Angie. You do know that in some boarding schools, boys stand in a circle and erm..hold on to their dongs and emit their seed onto a single cracker. Last one to finish has to consume said cracker. Apparently. So, I'd check with the bakery. In case this really is semen cake and it involves some very odd baking rite.

an9ie said...

Oh, no such thing would have happened at my boarding school, Ching. What nest of depravity were you thinking of? :)

Anonymous said...

lololololol AWESOME XD

you know, somehow i could see boys the world over doing circle jerks on a cracker. boys are sick like that x_x

an9ie said...

MFC reckons it's a BS urban legend :p

Chubby Zebra said...

Lol, I've had the game described to me in great detail by a mate of mine who used to be a boarder. Soggy Saks, I think it was called. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

I heard it called soggy biscuit when I was in the Navy. However I'm with MFC as no cracker or biscuit would be big enough to catch all my man juices! I just wrote that so I could imagine you cringing. ha ha! Anyway, what would be the point of proving that either you are a premature ejaculator or that you are incredibly turned on by being in a circle of wanking boys (or that you aren't)? Jaymez