Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid brain! Why can't you send me nice dreams about unicorns instead?

This morning I turned off my alarm and snoozed for about 45 minutes. During that snooze I had a horribly vivid dream.

I was driving through a suburb in the hills, past a block of flats, and just for a moment, I looked over at the passenger seat and tried to pull a yellow plastic bag towards me. The bag was caught under something and diverted my attention from the road.

Then I felt my wheels go over something rigid, like a light pole or a long bit of pipe. Bump-bump.

I stopped the car and parked to the side. When I turned my head I saw a figure splayed out on the road.

I had run over a small Chinese schoolboy.

I raced towards him at the same time as his aunt and mother. They were wailing and sobbing, and my lungs clenched as I looked down at his crushed leg, flattened and bruised against the bitumen like an uncooked chicken wing*.

What had I done? I had destroyed his life and mine. My future flashed before my eyes and then immediately blanked out. There would be no bright future for me or him.

His mother looked up and me and started shouting. More and more people gathered, either staring at me, or the boy, who was taking shallow breaths, eyes closed.

This horrific tableau seemed to go on forever, and then, I don't know, maybe a siren went off in the background, or a crow cawed, or the sun hit my eyes in just the right spot, and I woke up.

The message is clear: avoid the Perth hills like the plague.


Anonymous said...

How awful! And vivid! I had a dream last night where this Robert Pattinson clone was trying to get me to cheat on Andy with him. Once I almost did! & then i woke up feeling really guilty but slightly pleased that I had withstood his advances.

an9ie said...

@Gen - That comment made me LOL :)

jac said...

Dun wurlee!! my dreams even more gila and susah ...okee?!!!! i dreamt most nights i'm dropping from the sky and SPLAT on the ground...either tat or someone is trying to kill me ....so, it's karaoke lar....dreams are probably manifestation of our stress leves...now me yoga teacher, me dream i'm in pixieland full of beautipool flowers drinking kopi o...... PEACE BABY!!!!

Ching said...

Have you reflected on your recent past?Any major misdeeds coming back to bite you in the behind? Clubbed any baby seals recently?

On a serious note, I hate vivid dreams..they very seldom (read only the once) feature oneself and some damn hot fella engaged in glorious

Can someone explain that to me?

an9ie said...

I have had dreams where I've ALMOST engaged in glorious vice with some hot fella, as you say, Ching, and then my damn conscience kicks in and I do nothing. Then I wake up and go, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! It doesn't count if you're dreaming, dammit!"

Anonymous said...

In my dreams I nearly always know I am dreaming so just as I get into danger, my dreaming mind says "it's OK it's just a dream". However when I am not in danger, just embarrassed, that brain relief doesn't happen. Like the other night when I dreamt that I pooed my pants. I had to try to sneak away with it dribbling down my leg! That's way worse than maiming a school boy with your car. Jaymez