Sunday, March 08, 2009

Speaking of sleeping arrangements

I always find I sleep better in my own bed, as opposed to when I stay at MFC's. His bed feels like it has been filled with hard gym socks and wood chips. I toss and turn, unable to fund a comfortable spot, and wake up all irritated in the morning.

He loves his bed though. I don't know what we're going to do when we move in together.

MFC is also a rather fitful sleeper. When he comes to bed, he likes to launch himself onto his mattress, like someone throwing a saucepan at a stray cat in a Looney Tunes cartoon. He will then continue his aerial manoeuvres throughout the night, flinging himself into the air before flipping over and landing as softly as a zeppelin on a mine field.

One of the best sleeps I've had, while in the same bed as MFC, was in Germany, where we had those European-style beds. You know, the ones that have two single mattresses in a queen or king-size bed frame. Awesome. MFC could toss and turn as much as he liked and it didn't affect me. And it was fun having a visible line to point to when I said, "Stay on your side of the bed!" if he was being particularly irksome.

You can get these in IKEA, but MFC will not consider them. He says he doesn't like the hole in the middle and we'll be like those couples that don't love each other. Bleah. It's always the person who sleeps better that says that.