Sunday, March 08, 2009

The best of starts

... leads to a productive day.

(Also, hi Sophie, who left a comment in the last post saying that this was the first sunrise she had seen in a while too :)

Remember how last September I was groaning about our busted reticulation and how I had to spend fruitless hours out on the lawn hand-watering it? (Which, although better than nothing, still tends to encourage shallow roots, according to Don Burke. By the way, I was so sad when they took Burke's Backyard off the air. I know it lives on in print and on the Web, but it's just not the same. Sigh.)

After months of hand-watering, and now that summer is over (great timing, huh? The hot days are still coming, though), our sprinkler system is finally fixed. I would pass on the name and number of our reticulation guy, but he's probably too busy sunning himself on his yacht in New Caledonia to pick up more work. I reckon that on a per hour basis, the man is getting paid more than most neurosurgeons.

He didn't replace any sprinkler heads though, so this morning my brother and I went to Bunnings for supplies, then came home and fixed all the heads that were blocked or just going crazy spurting (teehee--that word always makes me giggle like a schoolgirl) water everywhere, and now the lawn can diminish the earth's water supply, twice a week till the rains come, with minimal human intervention.

This means an9ies will no longer have to spend excess time on the lawn with a digital timer, a garden hose, and an expression of suffering. (When cars drove past, she would also pretend that she was not related to the hand holding the hose.)

So much work done, and it is not even noon. Hurrah!

I think I will reward myself by ordering some telescopic loppers (ratchet! Woo!) off the Internet. And some ratchet secateurs, and maybe even a ratchet screwdriver set. Trust me ladies, once you go the ratchet, you never go back. They are so easy on the hands.

Also, bougainvillea; as soon as I get my ratchet on, you're next.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a pain! I always think it'd be so weird to have it cold in June or July and hot in December. But you probably think it's weird to have the cold in December, huh?