Sunday, February 08, 2009

I am the Grim Aquatic Reaper

Norm died earlier this week. I noticed he was becoming sluggish and letting those cheeky snails crawl on him, then he started going off his food and it went swiftly downhill from there, I guess.

He died on his feet, so I actually didn't realise until the next day; I just thought he was standing in his favourite corner, waiting for dinner as usual.

Poor little guy. He didn't smell good and I buried him quickly in the backyard, with an "I'm sorry," and a "goodbye".

Now, I know I will sound awful and heartless, but for a few seconds I was considering just double-bagging him and, well, ... it was bin night and all. It's hard for me to be sentimental about a pet that you can't cuddle. He had a good life, I hope, with a varied diet and plants and a castle and snails for company. His antics amused me and I would chat to him sometimes. Rest in peace, little Norm.

To prove I am not a monster with ice in my veins, let me tell you that I was a wreck when my dog died, five years ago. I mourned him for two weeks, until my red, teary eyes felt like burnt coals in my head, and then I watched Finding Nemo, and was traumatised all over again.


It was that scene at the beginning of the movie, where Marlin comes home to find there's only one egg left, and Nemo's Mum and all the other eggs have been eaten. Marlin holds Nemo's egg tenderly and says something like,"I promise I'll always take care of you and protect you."

At this point I start bawling to my ex-boyfriend, who is watching the movie with me, and in between gasps and sobs I wail, "You can promise that, but you CAN'T ALWAYS DELIVER. Waah-aah-aah! Hoo-hoo-hoo!"


It's a funny story in hindsight but man, what a day that was, to top off an awful fortnight.

Damn you and your tearjerkers, Disney!

Anyway, I confessed my plans (the plans that were only briefly considered and weren't followed through) for Norm to MFC and he got rather indignant. "I suppose when I die, you're going to stuff me in a plastic bag and put me in the bin too!" he huffed.

an9ie: "Don't be silly, you wouldn't fit in the bin."

Anyway, my track record with aquatic fauna is not good. Sigh.


Genevieve said...

Lolol. This reminds me of how when the birds we had died, I got really excited. I hated those birds.

I understand your pain about being sad about your dog. I'll probably mourn mine for the next 5- 10 years. D:

an9ie said...

I felt the same way when Leonardo de Caprio sank into the ocean in Titanic :-p

Yeah, dogs will break your heart. It's been five years and I think I'm just about ready for another little guy, but before now it's been too painful to contemplate.