Saturday, February 28, 2009

Giant nerd loves the lists, makes little red bag

Hello world. Meet an9ie. an9ie is a giant nerd who loves lists. Loves them.

And then she found a book about how to make your lists more effective! How to make lists called, "Projects" and "Next Actions" and "Waiting For" and "Someday/Maybe". How to have not too many and not too few, but just enough lists to make her feel like someone who has their life in order--a veritable wunderkind of organisation.

She loves her lists so much that she made a special bag for them. So that they don't get dirty! Or bent! Because she wants to take her lists everywhere with her. It is like being a crazy cat lady, only with little bits of cardboard.

So here it is, with the book that made it all happen. Big hugs to David Allen--the man is a genius.

I made the bag out of old t-shirt sleeves, after being inspired by this great book at the library called, "Generation T, 108 ways to transform a t-shirt", by Megan Nicolay. It was a nice, simple, soothing, hand-sewing project and a great way to feel productive while watching back-to-back episodes of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. Ooh, and how dreamy is Dr Owen Hunt*? Sorry, sorry, getting distracted.

The list bag is getting pimped as soon as i finds something to pimp it with.

* No, I will never be too old for schoolgirl crushes. In fact, I'm counting on being able to embarrass my children and grandchildren with them.


Anonymous said...

I love lists, too but my problem is I forget about them & never end up following then D: Good luck with yours! :)

Anonymous said...

ps: i will always have schoolgirl crushes on celebs as well! i really hope to use it to embarrass younger generations as well ;D

an9ie said...

@Gen Yeah I hope I can make this thing work because it has the makings of a very good system. The novelty factor is helping and I'm checking lots of things off so far!

It gets depressing as the objects of your schoolgirl crushes get younger and younger, but we won't let that faze us, hey? ;)

Anonymous said...

If all you want to do is successfully check things off the list, just don't aim too high, Get out of bed, go to toilet, get back in bed, etc. jaymez

Asrif said...


I saw the Gen-T book the other day and thought that the store would be lucky to even sell one copy of it.

Wrong, I was.

an9ie said...

@Asrif Well, I did get my copy of the Gen T book from the library :P Must be a girl thing, but I'm very drawn to all the ways you can recycle t-shirts in a cool way. Mind you, I have a nasty feeling that when I actually try to adapt a t-shirt for clothing purposes it will look awful :)

Frogdancer said...

Lists.... I do them on the weekends, otherwise NOTHING gets done. I love the moment of crossing off a task....