Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doggies! On stamps!

Check out this stamp set of Australian working dogs:

Look at that beagle's cute face! I was once tempted to apply for a job with Australian Quarantine, just so I could run around with a sassy sniffer beagle all day.

Damn it, Australia Post! How dare you put cute dogs on my postage stamps? Do you know how hard it makes it for me to use them? Stick to the wildflowers and birds next time!

Of course, hoarding is just silly. To compromise, I decided to take a photo of the doggie stamps, and then use them. Of course, I only decided this after I'd used half the pack.

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Judith said...

I love seeing all the new stamps come through Australia Post :) They always have one to celebrate Chinese New Year, there's a current campaign involving iconic Australian movie posters (Gallipoli, The Castle, Pricilla etc) and one for Earth Hour has just started with fun animal characters urging 'Save Energy', 'Lights Out' or 'Switch Off'. You can check them out at your local post office.