Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conversations, some imagined, some not

An entirely plausible conversation between me and MFC:

an9ie: Sweetie, would you mind wearing this today? (Brings out mask of hot bass guitarist, doesn't matter which one. If you're wondering what I'm on about, read the previous post.)

MFC: Sure! But then you'll have to wear this mask. (Brings out Gillian Anderson mask from under the bed.)

And a real conversation I had with my brother today (well, I did most of the talking):

an9ie: (Walking back to the car after visiting the shops, and sees someone in their forties with learner plates.) Hey, that guy's a bit old to have L-plates.

an9ie's brother:
Maybe he's studying for his manual licence.

an9ie: Hmm, you know, you should get your manual licence too. I know most people drive automatics now, but you might be in a situation one day when knowing how to drive a manual would be really useful. Like ... like ... (racks brains) if you're stuck in some small town that only has really old cars, and you need to run away from flesh-eating zombies ... or serial killers ... or vampires ... you know what I mean?

an9ie's brother: (Rolls eyes when he thinks she isn't looking.)