Friday, February 27, 2009

Before the Coldplay concert

Hmm, I'm actually not too excited about going to the Coldplay concert tonight. I think I used all my excitement up the day I bought the ticket (end of November). I mean, I even posted about it on Facebook, that's how excited I was. And now that I've had to wait so long, all my Coldplay-allocated-endorphins have grown old and died.

The sleep deprivation also does not help (this is not concert-related, it is more like an9ie-has-a-constant-pile-of-stuff-to-do-and-then-potters-around-till-1am-avoiding-it-related).

Well, I'll be there soon enough, feeling the buzz, aiming death glares at the opening acts so that they'll play faster, strategically aiming my pointy, pointy elbows outwards so that people don't crush me, and then before I know it I'll be looking up at the stage and my first thought will be, "OMG, I'm seeing Coldplay live!"

This will shortly be followed by, "WOW, THAT GUY'S BANGED GWYNETH PALTROW*."

Because I am classy like that.

* And hopefully, will continue to do so. It's always nice when celebrity marriages work out for the long term.

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Anonymous said...

It's already happened, but I'm excited about the Coldplay concert you're going (you've gone?) to! ;D

Pointy elbows really are the best *thumbs up* ^_~