Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh, the hilarity

Four videos that I couldn't stop laughing at all night:

1), 2) and 3) are From the Chaser's War on Everything, a satirical Australian TV show.

There is some old footage from the first Chaser show, the Election Chaser, that I wish someone would dig up. Unfortunately, it was pre-Youtube (this is probably the only time you will hear me regretting that there a time where we didn't have Youtube), so I haven't been able to find it.

In one of the funniest unscripted scenes I have ever seen, Chas (or was it Chris?) dresses up in an enormous bumblebee costume and ambushes Bronwyn Bishop (a politician known for her bouffant hairstyles). He keeps buzzing around her going, "Bzzz, bzzz! I'm a bumblebee looking for a beeehive!" and I laughed so much I nearly gave myself a hernia.

Ah, I guess you just had to be there.

And as for 4), well, 4) is just pure, solid, shiny GOLD.


1) The boys track down John Edward in Sydney (from Season 2, Episode 24).

2) Emo

3) Angelina Jolie's babies

4) The Shine on Me music video by Chris Dane Owens.

Watch it at

I first read about this in Coilhouse magazine, in the post, "Shine on Me will burn out all your irony receptors".

There is an 11-year-old girl in me going, “SQUEEEEEEE!” If the clips on this were taken from an actual feature film with cheesy dialogue and budget CG, I would willingly rummage down to the bottom of the bargain bin, pay my $5 and watch it over and over again.

If I were CDO I would have just thrown in the towel and gone off with the three witches. They were HAWT.

I have sent the video link to my death metal-loving boyfriend. Will now sit back and wait for the implosion.

Update: Darn it, MFC's head didn't explode. He actually thought it was pretty funny. The thing is, I still can't decide if the music video is, as we Australians so charmingly say, taking the piss, or a serious attempt at a fantasy video.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you couldn't decide whether video 4 was for real or not. I did get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that it is a serious music video. wrt the Chasers John Edwards video, I have thought about the setting up for that snippet. They would have to have thought it up. Then had the costumes made on the off chance they would get an opportunity. Then having found out which hotel he was staying at, they would have hung around until such time as he decided to take a walk. What are the chances of John Edwards just deciding to take a walk on his own in a situation where he could be approached in that way? The cynic in me says that it was a set up done with his agreement, though he wasn't told exactly what was going to happen. Still funny though. Jaymez