Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mmm, free

Today is the first day that I've felt properly Christmassy, that is, full of goodwill towards men. This makes a change from the rest of the year, when I'm full of dark, murky feelings and general loathing for anything that walks on two legs.

I was driving to work, and was wondering if I should park in my usual area, which is free and always has room, but (there's always a "but") is an unsheltered 20 minute walk from the office. The weather forecast said it was going to be HOT and I could already see the dizzying waves of heat rising from the ground.

Then I thought, What the heck, today might be my lucky day. Be spontaneous*, Angie! Go on and try that car park in front of work.

So I entered the car park, turned left, and there was a lady unlocking her car boot. Was she taking something out because she had just parked? Or was she putting something in and about to leave?

Suspense, right?

I made the universal, are-you-leaving? gestures, and she smiled and nodded "yes". Woohoo!

And then ... and then she walked over with something in her hand. I got out of my seat. The air was electric.

The lady GAVE me her parking ticket.

"It's valid until 5pm," she said, smiling.

Ohhh, free parking.

Free parking is like free money, which is probably the best thing in the world** that you could give a Chinese person. Actually, let's not stereotype. It is probably the best thing in the world that you could give a Chinese person named an9ie, or [insert name of an9ie's immediate family, and all her mother's and father's relatives].

"A-are you sure?" I gibbered. My eyes may have gone a little misty.

"Oh yes. Besides, the council gets too much of our money already," she nodded grimly and narrowed her eyes.

A woman after my own heart. You'd better watch out, City of X council.

* Yep, that's about as spontaneous as I get.
** The next best thing would be something that gave you fresh, free, other-people's money at regular intervals.


Her said...

oh I love that! so cute, I once had a machine issue the ticket and then refund the money! yay it was like christmas but better

Anonymous said...

wow so awesome! how nice of that lady :D