Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because it's nearly Christmas

Wil Wheaton's roof started leaking in a major way yesterday¹, and to take his mind off the negative aspects of the day, he decided to take a moment to pick out three different things that he was happy or grateful for. He also said, "The exercise is awesome, because the first thing is always very easy to list, but it's a challenge to just pick two more things."

Since Christmas is just around the corner, and should be a time for giving thanks rather than drowning in an orgy of consumption, I thought I'd give this exercise a try.

Now, we don't usually indulge in this kind of touchy-feely whatnot in this blog--so let's not make a habit of it, you hear? Bah humbug!

Anyway, three things I'm happy or grateful for:

1) Loved ones who make me laugh (you've read enough of the evidence to know), and the time we have together, now.

2) The gift of sight. As a serious myope who is pretty much helpless sans glasses or contact lens, I have a fear of going blind one day, although my optometrist assures me it is very unlikely. Regardless, I still jump at unexpected shadows or reflections ("Arrrgh! Retinal detachment! Oh ... wait ... it was just a shiny car going past.") As an artist, I would be lost if I couldn't see to create, or if I couldn't look at other people's creations. So, when I look out of the window on a clear day and can see all the way out to the horizon, or when I say good night to my mother and see her smile, I feel very, very grateful.

3) Learning to play the violin. (It's a strange, anxious mentality I have, always being afraid that something I love is going to be snatched away from me. It's not just my sight. Sometimes I have nightmares about losing my fingers in a road accident and not being able to draw or play a musical instrument.) I know I am very lucky to be able to fulfill a dream I've had since I was a teenager, that I can afford books and lessons with an incredible teacher. I love playing my violin, even when it sounds awful, because I know it won't always be that way, and that one day I will make it sing as well as my teacher does.

There are more things I'm grateful for, of course. And I'm going to list them here quickly as well (ooh, rule breaking!):

4) The fact that I will be starting a year-long course in animation next year, and that I can keep working and earning money while I chase my dream (and hopefully, catch it). Also, even though I bitch about how much the course fees are, I'm grateful that I managed to save enough money (I've been saving since last year!) to be able to pay the fees in full.

5) That MFC's lovely mother and her attractive partner (I have to say that, he reads this blog :) are flying their offspring (and their partners! Squee!) to Europe on Boxing Day for a three week holiday. We will be going to Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Geneva and Chamonix. I can't wait to take snow photos!

What three (or five -- what the hey, it's Christmas!) things are you grateful for?

¹Source: "my roof is leaking; life is good" by Wil Wheaton, posted on December 15, 2008 at http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2008/12/my-roof-is-leak.html


Anonymous said...

This is serious stuff: 1. Being alive and able to participate fully despite some health problems. 2. Loving and feeling loved. 3. Friends including members of my family who I consider friends. 4. Humans do not do sex like fish or flowers! 5. I'm a boy! Jaymez

Genevieve said...

such a great post! i'm going to have to bookmark it & follow suit on my next post :D

you're so lucky to go to europe! i expect an overload of pics when you return! :D