Saturday, December 20, 2008

Babelfish is a party-pooper

I've spent most of this evening getting organised for our European trip (we leave on Boxing Day). For me this involves printing out and saving digital copies of any airline e-tickets, hotel reservations, public transport maps, and checking fares for public transport in each city.

Tip: in many cases the tourist transport cards are not only more expensive, but provide you with more options than you will need. E.g., Paris Visite card vs. buying a carnet (special name for a pack of 10) Métro tickets. The tickets in the carnet are valid for single trips on the RER, Métro, and buses, and will cover most of Paris--unless you're going to somewhere in the outer 'burbs, like Versailles.

Anyway, I do all these things because if I don't, we'll all be lost in a ditch somewhere and sold as sex-slaves to Angola. Also, the world will explode.

During my research, I followed a link to the BVG website (Berlin Transportation Company) and I saw this little promotion at the bottom of the page:

Ah, those cheeky Germans, I thought. What do we have here? Something risqué and provocative, no doubt. Something that our strait-laced Australian commuter and advertising groups would never condone!

My second thought was, Hello, little Lego man in the corner!

Here's a closeup of the picture that piqued my interest:

Psst, lady! Pick the one on the right. an9ie thinks he's cuter!
He also has nice hands.
P.S. Please don't go with a threesome.
They always end in tears; I have seen enough HBO shows to know.

I ran the web page through Babelfish to translate, and ... boooring!

Wait, perhaps I can still save the situation.

Let's pretend the guy on the left is called "Von Karstadt" and the one the right is Douglas AKA "The Lock" or "Steam Turbine and Gas Turbine Systems Entertainment"... Now we're getting somewhere!

Source: Images from on December 19, 2008.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha XD you're a riot!

i was going to go to europe a few years back and i researched all that, too. it pays off! you could save loads of money!

that lego- man is too cute XD

Anonymous said...

How do you remember all that stuff. I try to research but my head explodes with all the little details. So instead, I go arrive at my destination and figure I'll buy tickets as I go if needed. Last time I was in Italy I did this. Turns out all the buses I used had to have prepaid tickets, the drivers couldn't take money. I acted the dumb tourist and he just waved me on rather than try to explain. After the first time it just became routine. The Germans however may not be so forgiving! Jaymez