Saturday, December 06, 2008

A very expensive greeting card

Caution: one of the pictures in this post contains gore. The gore is a pretty colour though.

2am. Whoopee. Every night I owe the sleep bank more and more hours. Soon they'll be sending in their hired goons to collect.

Anyway, once again my parsimony has come back to bite me in the arse.

MFC and I are going to a wedding tomorrow (um, make that today)--well, actually, we're going to a reception, and not a wedding, because we weren't invited to the wedding (it's a weird story, but never mind)--and I was in Borders earlier looking at wedding cards from Paperchase. Which are lovely, but hideously expensive.

$8.50 for a card? Pah! I should just make one myself!

And so I did.

It took me 2 and a half hours. Cutting cardboard into small shapes is tricky. Oh, and 30 minutes of that was spent in triage because my finger slipped onto the scalpel I was using. So this card should be pretty darn auspicious, because a lot of blood was spilt in its making. 

Oh mighty gods of card-making and wedding paraphernalia, accept my tasty sacrifice! Let the glue on the card hold everything together and not embarrass me, let the food tomorrow be tasty and in ample portions, and I beg you, let me not look too hideous and bloated in the photographs!

It is so nice to be living at home, and be able to run into the kitchen helplessly flailing your arms and spurting blood everywhere, while shouting, "Mummy! I've cut myself!" Then you get to watch while she clucks over you and brings out the iodine and gauze and makes everything better. Yep, I am definitely enjoying this while it lasts.

Man, I thought the bleeding would never stop.
"Are you on blood-thinners?" my mother asked suspiciously.

Let's see. The materials for the card would have cost around $4. Labour-wise, I would like to eventually earn at least $30 an hour from arts and craft, so that makes $30 x 2.5 (we'll count the time spent staunching the bleeding) = $75, which makes $79 in total.

Well, well, that $8.50 card doesn't look so expensive after all.

Still, I'm proud of my one-of-a-kind beauty. I like making cards and personalising them for people, and I hope to use experiences like these to learn, so that I can make quality illustration and animation collages later on.

If you're wondering about the theme, well, the bride is a talented singer, and the groom plays guitar. In fact, they used to be in a band together. As for the rest, I think birds and bears are cute and make good silhouettes.


Sophie said...

Ahaha. Yeah, that happens to me every time I think "I'm not paying that! I'll make one myself!" Unless I count my labour at like 50c an hour it would just be cheaper to buy it :)

I've found the only remotely cost effective way to make cards if you want to be creative (rather than learning how to make one card and just making it over and over for everyone until you're cost efficient) is to buy printable blank cards and print digital designs on them.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, that is too cute! XD
you're so crafty- i could never make something like that lol.
i hope your finger is okay! :)

an9ie said...

Sophie - Yep, that's what I'm thinking about doing (kind of). I do like playing with paper and glue and cardboard, but I also would like to duplicate a design I like and offer it for sale on RedBubble. So I'm going to adapt this design digitally and see how it turns out. Then I get the best of both worlds!

Gen - thanks, hon! I do like working away from the computer from time to time. Feels so much more satisfying to have something solid in your hands. The finger is doing OK although the bandage is looking kinda manky (and it may be starting to smell, or is that my rabid imagination?), but my Mum says to leave it on for as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you got invited to something!