Monday, November 03, 2008


Don't go to this link if you're squeamish about cuts and flesh. (Now if that doesn't send all of you straight there, I don't know what else will.)

Hello Kitty Hell is a blog that my brother put me onto. It is written by a guy who suggested that his wife follow her passion, which happened to be Hello Kitty. So she started sourcing hard-to-find Hello Kitty items for buyers outside Japan, and business boomed.

He didn't realise her business would take off the way it did, and now he lives in Hello Kitty Hell. This blog is his way of venting. Sometimes his wife reads it, and when she does, he gets exiled to the couch with a Hello Kitty sleeping bag.

This is my favourite post so far, perhaps because it reminds me of a lot of dialogues MFC and I have had.

Did you know there are people out there who have Hello Kitty tattoos? Some even have them on their bottoms.



Anonymous said...

Yep that blog was funny! Jaymez

Juliness said...

Ok, so I went to the "icky" place first and - OMG! YUCK.

The rest of it made me giggle though. Funny stuff.