Friday, November 28, 2008

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade RickRoll

There's nothing I love more than seeing old legends become new ones.

Rick Astley was a huge part of my early teens. I had his first album on cassette and listened to it over and over and over again. He was so cute with his red hair and freckles, like a little English Archie come to life, and then he would open his mouth and knock you over with that big, big voice.

Definitely one of my favourite Stock Aitken & Waterman products :)

Sources: I first saw this on Wil Wheaton's blog, and he got it from MartiMcKenna on Twitter.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Made On The Left Craft Fair This Saturday

Hi guys, I'd like to throw in a little plug here for the Made On The Left Craft Fair this Saturday. Now, most of the material below is regurgitated from what I put up on my CNG blog, and I'm very sorry about that, because I would have liked to write something special and individual for this blog, and all the special individuals who read it, but it is nearly midnight and I will start hallucinating soon if I don't get some sleep.

However, unlike the CNG post, this one has PICTURES. Because I can't figure out how to put them on the CNG post.

Here we go:

The Made On The Left Craft Fair/pre-Christmas Designer Market will be on THIS SATURDAY from 10am to 4pm at the Hyde Park Hotel, 331 Bulwer St, North Perth.

The goods here range from prints and cards to jewellery to bags to clothing to home furnishings, and best of all, they are all lovingly made by West Australian designers. These are not crafts by your granny (although I'm sure those are lovely, and I secretly wish to make myself a crochet rug one day--as soon as I learn how to crochet).

I promise you that there are plenty of things here for funky chicks and dudes (you know what, with my outdated vernacular, I might as well BE a granny) who want to own a piece of striking, one-of-a-kind, contemporary art. And the prices are pretty sweet too.

Who says you have to leave Perth to find some culture? We have it all right here.

To have a peek at the kind of beauties that will be on show (I want that Odd Girl Out pendant, and one of Stuffaduck's bags, and pretty much all the prints), please go to

Miss Ali J's lovely girls need no introduction.

Amazing art by Janet Pfeiffer.

One of hemd's unusual softies.

Jewellery from Zoila Munoz & Carlos Terrejon, Suga N Spice, and Odd Girl Out. (Back off, ladies, you're going to have to fight me for these!)

Soft and sweet treats for your house (or doll's house!). Cushion by Emma Bee, tiny cake slices by Polyclarific.

(Pictures sourced from, and used with permission.)

You can look at pictures from the last market too. Check out all the stuff on display!

Monday, November 03, 2008


Don't go to this link if you're squeamish about cuts and flesh. (Now if that doesn't send all of you straight there, I don't know what else will.)

Hello Kitty Hell is a blog that my brother put me onto. It is written by a guy who suggested that his wife follow her passion, which happened to be Hello Kitty. So she started sourcing hard-to-find Hello Kitty items for buyers outside Japan, and business boomed.

He didn't realise her business would take off the way it did, and now he lives in Hello Kitty Hell. This blog is his way of venting. Sometimes his wife reads it, and when she does, he gets exiled to the couch with a Hello Kitty sleeping bag.

This is my favourite post so far, perhaps because it reminds me of a lot of dialogues MFC and I have had.

Did you know there are people out there who have Hello Kitty tattoos? Some even have them on their bottoms.