Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My future looks bleak

MFC and I periodically have arguments, ahem, excuse me, discussions, about gender roles, and specifically, what ours would be should we procreate one day.

I mean, really, with such top class DNA, I consider it my obligation, nay, my civic duty, to upgrade the contents of our gene pool with my Gold Class, super-smart, super-myopic and super-neurotic chromosomes.

an9ie: So, this article* says that full-time mothers are the most depressed, compared to mothers who work part-time and mothers who work full-time.

But children with with full-time mothers are the least depressed. What the heck? So you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't***.

MFC: I prefer the 80s model.

an9ie: What's that?

MFC: You work full-time AND look after the kids full-time to show how empowered you are. And I work full-time and go to cocaine parties all weekend.

* Some article I was reading at the time, but I can't remember where I found it. I usually take this kind of news with a pinch of salt. These studies continue to contradict themselves, and may not take enough
variables into account. Also, they foment that whole us vs. them hate-filled mentality, which is not constructive**.

** Having said that, I am also a giant hypocrite who has started, AND had fun with these kinds of us vs. them arguments, I mean, discussions. That is, until I turn into a "them", and then it's us vs. you. Confusing, I know.

*** Personally, my plan is to give them to my mother until they can talk and wipe their own bottoms.


Anonymous said...

What about the model where the guy works full-time, you have a full-time nanny/housekeeper and you spend your days shopping, playing tennis, having lunches and doing whatever you like just as long as you look pretty for when hubby gets home? jaymez

Anonymous said...

lol i like MFC's idea. except i think the women should be the full time workers and cocaine partiers.

i think i would go back to working part time or full time when the kiddie is in school. my fear would be some weirdo raising my kid for me! might have incredible DNA but what about the "nature vs nurture" argument?

an9ie said...

Jaymez - sign me up for that plan.

Gen - yep, I was brought up part-time by maids and at least one of them was a complete wacko, resulting in the trainwreck that is yours truly.