Thursday, October 09, 2008

From the deepest mists of time

Sometimes my parents will say funny things or tell me stories which remind me that they spent most of their lives in a foreign country. A country with a different way of speaking, and living, that was, in some cases, twenty years behind everyone else (an idyllic life for a child, but perhaps not that crash-hot for an adult).
For example, our first phone number only had five digits, and we had a rotary dial phone. We didn't get our first McDonald's until the early 90s.
Anyway, tonight, my father came in to show me a book he had mended. The book's title was Animals of Asia.

Dad: You see this? This book was in three pieces when I bought it. (Proudly shows me the hidden joins.)

an9ie: Yes, very nice.

Dad: And look at all the birds in here. I've seen a lot of these birds.

an9ie: Really?

Dad: I have eaten most of them.

Seriously, you cannot make this stuff up.


Anonymous said...

Clearly the patient wasn't suffering too much in your mother's care then. Better that his wife looks after that department than the nurses! When private hospitals introduce video surviellance to further reduce staff, then such capers will end up on the internet! Jaymez

Genevieve said...

LOL awesome! i bet you could record all sorts of awesome, random comments they make XD

TroyG said...

You could make this stuff up, but it's far funnier when it actually happens.

Your Dad sounds like he's like he's gone to the school of Cuisine by Baldrick. I used to talk to a guy from Sri Lanka who got some monkey for a picnic when the train that brought the meat upland couldn't make it. He and a friend shot a monkey and prepared it for a romantic picnic with their girlfriends. Their mistake was telling the girls what the meat was, when the ladies commented how delicious it tasted.

PS Coming to Blandwagon's soiree on Friday?

Bronwyn, said...

"I have eaten most of them." Mwa ha ha ha! So funny (but not for the birds). :-)