Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blandwagon's Brilliant Blogmeet

Two weeks ago, Blandwagon from Get on the Blandwagon! issued an open invitation to a blogmeet dinner. You can read all about it here, because I am feeling pretty lazy and Blanders has already described the evening to a T.

Hey, why reinvent the wheel when someone's already carved out the spokes and attached a chariot to it?

I was a bit concerned about meeting people I only knew from the Internet, but as far as Internet meetings go, it was a huge success. There were no creepy strangers trying to sniff my hair, and I didn't end up in someone's cellar having baskets of lotion passed down to me on a rope.

Like I said, a roaring success.

My friends K, J and S were gracious enough to accept my last-minute invitation (and not heap scorn upon me for the late notice), and so we found ourselves spending a very civilised evening with Blandwagon, the Flatmate, Jarvis, and TroyG.

By "civilised", I mean that we were waited on hand and foot and served a very fancy meal where each course was served with a complementary wine (except for the very average bottle of chardonnay I brought along. I mean, seriously, anyone who has read this blog knows what a lightweight I am when it comes to alcohol consumption. Next time I will stick to what I know and bring along exotic Asian snackfoods, white rabbits or small, angry sausage dogs.)

Mmm, cheesy pastry thingy. Om nom nom.

Mmm, Moroccan lamb with pear, asparagus, broccolini, and cous cous (not yet served).

Mmm, chocolate Cointreau cake with white chocolate mascarpone.
(Sorry, I ate this too fast. This is a reenactment of what it looked like inside my tum.)

I can only say that I lust after Blandwagon's house and garden in a Talented Mr Ripley kind of way, so he should watch his back (although I'll probably need a really good disguise to fool the Flatmate).

He has a replica Eames chair that I would exchange my first-born for (hm, except if I'm handing over my first-born I should probably try and get hold of the real thing), and the place is a wonderland of eye-catching art and cool collectables and clever lighting. The photos on his blog really don't do it justice.

In fact, the whole place was so nicely decorated that J asked Blanders what team he batted for.

Well, ladies, let me delight you all by introducing my nominee for 2009 Cleo Bachelor of the Year--Blandwagon!

Thank you for a lovely evening, B.


Blandwagon said...

Before you try to kill me and steal my identity, just remember that I own a sword. And I'm a light sleeper.

But I'm glad you had a good time. I did too!

Anonymous said...

In DC there used to be a meetup for bloggers every month. I did that for about a year, it was so much fun! It IS rather nerve- racking at first though x_x

Glad you had fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Good food, nice house and you are anybody's! Jaymez

an9ie said...

Well, these things are hard to come by. And actually James, if you had read the entire post properly and followed the movie reference, you would have seen that, in fact, I planned to hide Blandwagon's body and steal his identity. Sheesh.