Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selective memories

This is a conversation I had with my mother about an hour ago.

Mother: So, you're going to Japan at the end of the year, right?

an9ie: Nope, Europe.

Mother: You'd better get a hair cut before you go.

(Note from an9ie: I have no idea where this came from. Is there a head lice epidemic in Europe I don't know about? A serial hair-puller? Does she want me to look smart for the Queen? I would love to see the path my mother's thought processes take from point A to point B.)

Yeah, I'll make an appointment.

Mother: Or I could cut your hair!

an9ie: I had the same haircut for the first thirteen years of my life, so ... no. No, thank you.

Mother: I thought you looked nice.

an9ie: I wanted a page boy haircut like all the other girls, but instead you gave me ... I can't begin to describe it ... the kids at school all laughed at me.

Mother: It wasn't that bad, was it?

an9ie: And some of the teachers too.

Mother: Oh dear.

an9ie: They called me "Mushroom Head*".

* Except they called me that in Mandarin. I went to a Chinese school**.
** You'd think I'd be able to speak fluently by now.***
*** Nope.


Anonymous said...

I feel ill at the memory of the home done crew cut with the Coles bought shears that weren't quite sharp enough. I really didn't need to emphasise my very freckled face and odd shaped head! I'm sure that was to blame for me not getting with Sue Berry in grade 5. Jaymez

Anonymous said...

lololol whole post made me laugh.

when i was little my aunt used to give my cousins mullets for haircuts. i remember once she asked me i wanted her to cut mine and i just shrieked NO! XD

shellwe said...

I luuuv your writing and funny anecdotes; please write a big book one day of all your little stories and stuff. (And then I can read them to your beautiful dark haired and cleverer than most children from the Amazing gene pool!); whilst I babysit!! Amusing myself and making myself laugh over and over again.... XX