Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Go away, zombies!

I had another stupid zombie dream last night.

I SWEAR I wasn't even thinking about the darn things as I drifted off to sleep. In fact, I was reading the new IKEA catalogue (isn't it BEYOOO-tiful?) and wondering which Vika legs to pair with that shiny white table-top.

In my dream, I was enjoying a nice afternoon get-together with a bunch of people, and having an altogether pleasant time.

Come to think of it, the interior of the house did look a little like page 14 of the IKEA catalogue.

Suddenly we all turn and look outside, through the large floor-to-ceiling windows (inconvenient, in a town rampant with zombies, one would think) and notice that the sun is setting.

Voices hush, and a shudder goes through the group. We gloomily watch shadows limp towards us, drawn to the light and our fresh, warm brains.


The usual high-jinks follow ... blah-blah ... everyone! Quickly! Barricade the house! Oh crap, I'm being chased by something that looks like it's wearing a placenta on its head ... Somehow we all survive ... Two years later, fast-forward to living in heavily guarded bio-dome, I go to relax in the sauna and in the meantime someone has forgotten to lock the back door of the dome and the zombies flood in again. And all I have on is a towel. CRAPCRAPCRAP.

In the midst of all this, I remember thinking, "Hang on a minute. Where the &^%@&%^ is Milla Jovovich?"


kim said...

That is the most awesome dream ever, and I do get dreams relayed to me on a regular basis. Well done Angie. Well done!

an9ie said...

It would have been even more awesome if friggin' Milla Jovovich had turned up and saved our behinds!

Blandwagon said...

You had a towel. What more did you need?

Anonymous said...

that was a sweet dream. i was entertained :)

i constantly have dreams about things i don't think about. like this one guy on the show gossip girl. i've had several dreams about him lately but i've only seen a handful of episodes & i don't think he's particularly attractive.

IKEA = LOVE *sigh*

an9ie said...

Gen - was it Ed Westwick? I LUUUURVE Ed Westwick.

And then I think about when I was born, and when he was born, and I feel like a disgusting old perv.