Friday, August 29, 2008

Things that get handsy in the night

This morning I woke up for no reason at around 5.45am.

I was having an excellent dream. G. I. Joe may have been in it, and Russian soldiers, and there were explosions and guns and whatnot. Part of me knew that it was a dream, and was taking notes, because it had an awesome plot (well, I was dreaming) and I was hoping to turn it into a screenplay.

And then ... *bing* my eyes just opened and suddenly I was wide awake. I have a strange talent, (I'm sure other people will have another name for it) of waking up in exactly the same position that I fell asleep in, especially if I'm very relaxed. So I'll fall asleep on my back, hands at my side, and wake up in the same position in the morning, with pillows, covers, everything, unruffled.

Like a vampire!

So, I was wide awake for no reason, the alarm wasn't due to go off for another 45 minutes, and I was a little annoyed, because my incredible (LOL) dream was already starting to fade away. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. And then something gently stroked my cheek.

It wasn't an insect or a breath of wind or anything like that. I distinctly felt something soft, like a hand (if anyone makes any dirty comments they will be immediately deleted, I am warning you now) stroke the left side of my face from my temple to my chin. There was some hair over my face and I felt that tighten and press against my face as the sensation travelled down my face.

ARRRRGH. So creepy! I immediately sat up and I could feel my pulse going crazy.

Despite being terrified of the dark and Sadako, I'm still fence-sitting regarding the existence of the paranormal. But in this case, the alternative to a ghostly visitor is some kind of elongated face twitch or neurological thing. So I prefer the "ghostly visitor" theory for now*.

I then fell asleep with the light on and had some strange dreams about watching a Chinese music expert play a six-stringed fiddle, a harp that you played by folding the strings with little silver chopsticks, and a heavy cast-iron tube that played like a music box and cooked Mung bean pudding at the same time. I got to have a go and it was very heavy. Didn't get to eat any Mung beans though.

Then I woke up very grumpy at 7.30. Bleah.

* For some reason, my thoughts turned to my godmother in the UK, and how when I was a (STUPID) little girl, I asked her to prove that there was life after death by visiting me (when she died). I think I was only 7 or 8 then, but I was a pretty morbid little kid. Geez, what with that and the whole vampire turning thing, I suspect I have some kind of subconscious death wish. Or at least a subconscious frighten-me-until-I-wet-my-pants wish.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not a great update, but an update anyway

The trouble with writing a weekly blog for a community newspaper is that you spend a lot more time thinking about it than your normal blog.

You also spend a lot of time trying to be clever in it, and checking references and things, rather than doing your usual brain-spew and quoting spurious facts, and this can take a few hours.

Then you end up too exhausted to expend creative writing energy elsewhere. Wait, you think, something else interesting happened this week. And then you either decide, Nah, it's not interesting enough for the everyday blog, or, what is worse, It's TOO interesting, I have to hoard it away for the newspaper blog. I can't even HINT about it on my everyday blog. Quick, put up a picture of the rabbit with some cheesy captions.


Throw in half an hour to an hour of violin practice every day, and trying to finish a big illustration that you started in July (the damn thing has about thirty layers, with names like "Left hand gauntlet", "Hair 1", "Cloud FG", "Cloud Mid", "Cloud BG", for those of you who know about digital graphics), and finding out that the library suddenly has all these books you want to read, and a full-time job, and an MFC to keep happy, and an overgrown garden that needs work, and suddenly there's not a lot of time for anything else.

Here are a couple of new posts for my CNG blog that you may not have read yet, and if you do, please leave a comment so that it looks like I am appreciated and famous and one day I might even get paid for doing it, oh yes.

Familiar Faces (13/08/2008) and Don't You Hate It When (Driving Edition) (21/08/2008) are ready for your perusal, ladies and gentlemen.

I also made a little cartoon for last week's Illustration Friday, you might find it funny, but it is more likely that you will just be bewildered and wonder why I have drawn the inside of someone's handkerchief.

Which it is not, by the way. They are meant to be cells, OK? Cells. Except I may have tinted them a little too green.