Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Reading matter

Morning all,

I've put up two new CNG posts since I saw you last.

1) The Truth is Coming, which is pretty much a giant fangirl spew about my excitement regarding the X-Files movie, and its arrival in Australia on the 24TH OF JULY. Ooh, that's tomorrow. Please let it do well at the box office so that Chris Carter will make another one!

2) I Cannot Resist, about, well, you'll see. One of my favourite places in the world.

I would have posted these earlier, but my sister dropped by unexpectedly this evening (and scared the living daylights out of me and my mother. I mean, who knocks on the door at 10.30 at night? Instead of using the doorbell? Prowlers or the living dead, that's who!) and we went out to a bakery that is open till midnight.

A bakery that serves Hong Kong style buns and gateaux and bubble tea.

Until midnight!


If you lived in Perth, you would understand my excitement.

Also, Hong Kong style baked goods!

It also has karaoke seven nights a week.

This combination is so awesome that I just got goosebumps. Bless you, multiculturalism.

All I need now is someone to make my favourite ba gua and I will never have to visit Asia again. Which is just as well, because I probably wouldn't fit through the front door.

Anyway, we didn't get out of there till midnight, and I had a CNG blog to finish, as per my promise to myself (and you). I also revamped my website, making it illustration only and relearning CSS and all that fun stuff. So here I am, all blogged out.

Oh boy, I'll be feeling this in the morning.


Sophie said...

So, where is this magical bakery? :)

Blandwagon said...

I ask the same question as Sophie: where is this moonlit shangri-la of carbohydrates?