Friday, July 25, 2008

Midnight in the Bakery of Good and Delicious

OK, OK, the bakery in question is part of a chain, and combines bubble tea with baked goods and karaoke. It is not fancy, but who has eyes for decor when you're surrounded by buns and cream cakes?

Look where I've been tonight!

It's called Utopia. I believe it is part of a chain, although I'm not sure if the others in the chain stay open this late. They stop serving bubble tea around 10pm, but you can still get hot red tea with milk. The bakery and karaoke area stay open till midnight.

The one I went to is in Myaree, and I was very impressed with Google when I typed in "Utopia Myaree" and the first result was a little map showing where it was.

Let us pause to applaud for Google.

Goods are not baked on site, so unless something is meant to be served cold (like their light-as-air baked cheesecake or green tea Swiss roll), get take-out and heat it up in the oven at home for best results. The refrigerated cake display area is quite impressive, with very fancy birthday and special occasion cakes, (one cake had cream spikes going out horizontally, like a delicious cactus) and yes, I forgot to take my camera AGAIN.

I got a Buttermilk Football, I know it looks a little plain in the photo (fluorescent lighting is no one's friend), but it's pretty hefty.

Soon you will be in my belly, with some hot milky tea.

"Buttermilk", when you go to Asian bakeries, isn't the same as the buttermilk you see in a carton in the dairy aisle.

It is a crunchy, sweet, slightly salty mixture of butter, sugar, and milk powder that is stuffed into a sweet bread roll before baking. And jinkies, as Velma would say, I do love it.

I had my first buttermilk bun in Asia at a place called Angel Bakery. It had a brown brick front with fake wedding cakes in the windows, fancy five-tiered ones with white icing and ribbons and pink roses that I never got tired of looking at. (I remember craning my neck to look up at the windows because we started going there when I was a little girl.) They made the best buttermilk buns in the country.

Angel Bakery was next to Lucky Chinese Restaurant, and Lucky Restaurant made the best sweet and sour fish IN THE WORLD.

Seriously, in all my years I have never had better sweet and sour fish. It is the benchmark against which I have measured all other sweet and sour fish dishes, and they have all FAILED.

After a meal at Lucky, we would stop by Angel Bakery (if it was still open), and I would always have a buttermilk bun for dessert. Remember that trip I took to South East Asia this year? We drove past Angel Bakery and Lucky Restaurant and they were still there. Awesome.

Hmm, I don't hold much hope for this buttermilk bun/football after all that nostalgia. Anyway, I am going to take it into the kitchen now, where I will cut it into slices and put it in the toaster oven.

If it's still not great, then I am going to bring in my secret weapon and very good friend, sweetened condensed milk.

Have you tried condensed milk on hot buttered toast? My salivary glands started working overtime just reading that last sentence.


Update (20 minutes later): Well, it wasn't bad. A little hard, but I put it in the microwave for 20 seconds, which did the trick. It wasn't so bad I had to stop eating it, but it didn't make me eat so fast I ended up with crumbs in my hair either. And what's with the raisins? Who the heck puts raisins in buttermilk buns? Next time I'm going for the chocolate pie. It looks like a cinnamon scroll, but with chocolate.

Update (30 minutes after that): I have found a recipe for buttermilk buns on the Internet. I will not rest until I can make my own. This means I'll give the recipe a bash in two months time and fudge it.


Sophie said...

Ahhh. Yes, my mum recommended them to me, though she was very disappointed that they don't do the savoury stuff the Perth Utopia does, since my vegetarian siblings love it and my family lives much closer to Myaree than Perth. There's apparently a really good Korean BBQ place called "Cora" nearby too.

Anonymous said...

ooo sounds yummy. we don't have any asian bakeries OR sweet and sour fish around here, though. :(
actually, i'm not a fan of seafood but i mourn the bakery. *sigh*