Thursday, June 19, 2008


Look at what arrived today from Amazon!

I first heard about Wicked from an old housemate, but the early videos I saw (illegally taken with someone's digital camera) were so bad that I couldn't make out the sound, and dismissed it as another faddy musical, like Legally Blonde.

Then Kevin Walker mentioned it on Brothers & Sisters, and my interest was piqued.

Finally, there was that great episode of Ugly Betty that showed Eden Espinosa (my second favourite Elphaba after Idina Menzel) and Megan Hilty performing Popular and Defying Gravity, and I thought it was just wonderful.

While I waited for my CD and piano books to arrive, I trawled and lurked over at YouTube for any little scrap I could find. There were plenty.

The trailer (this is the cast that performed in Rochester, not the original cast at the Gershwin Theatre), Idina and Kristen singing at the Tony Awards, and Idina's emotional Tony Award acceptance speech.

Look! Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block got to play Fiyero for some of the New York run. This just made my day. I remember listening to him before his voice broke - nice to see it's mellowed out nicely.

I hope to try out the piano accompaniment this weekend, and learn to play the voice part on my violin.

Wicked is starting soon in Melbourne, and I would love to be able to fly over and see it. Next year, perhaps. But after listening non-stop to the original Broadway cast, I hope I won't keep thinking about Idina and Kristen while I watch the Australian cast sing their hearts out.

Update: Ooh! Rob Guest and Anthony Callea are in the Australian cast of Wicked. I saw Rob in Les Miserables when they came to Perth and he was excellent, a veteran of Australian musical theatre who also played the title role in Phantom of the Opera. Anthony was a runner-up in one of the Australian Idols but ended up becoming more popular than the winner.


Anonymous said...

I'm more popular than that winner of Idol! Jaymez

Anonymous said...

cool! i've never really been into musicals but i know how it is to get really stoked on something. i just ordered seasons 2 & 3 on because it's pride month & they're on sale. they're not supposed to get here until early next month and i'm dyyyyiiiing! XD