Monday, June 23, 2008

It's just talk

First of all, I have gotten off my ample behind and written a new post for my CNG blog. Like all my early morning ramblings, I consider it some of my finest work. Do pay it a visit, and read At Least There Won't Be Zombies.

A few nights ago my mother bounced into the kitchen after coming home from work (you may recall that she works in the medical industry) and said, "I met some people from China today, and they taught me some new Chinese words! Ma(3) cai(2) is 'general anaesthetic' and Sai(1) pan(3) is 'placenta'?"

an9ie: Wow, that's really useful. So I could say, "May I please have some more general anaesthetic before you remove the placenta?" or, "Waiter, I cannot finish this placenta, please put it in a doggy bag to take home."

I did not get a hot dinner that night.

Then, on Saturday, I was getting ready for a party and MFC came into the room and tried to kiss me on the cheek.

an9ie: Careful, I've got makeup on.
MFC: Oh, you mean your face is covered with LIES?
an9ie: Precisely.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha that mfc. that's hilarious.
whenever i have something on my face- makeup or moisturizer- andy says i hate him and trying to ruin him, haha. boys are so silly.

cool about the chinese! learning new words is always useful and fun!