Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update: Rod Serling has a lot to answer for

Wow, I've just finished reading the rest of the Wikipedia entry for the Twilight Zone Movie, and I had no idea that the movie was linked to an awful tragedy.

Apparently three actors died during the filming of the first story, directed by John Landis. Two of them were children, and in fact, their presence on the set was illegal, due to restrictions for child actors at the time.

In the story, Vic Morrow plays a racist who is sent back in time to experience what it feels like to be a Jewish man in Nazi Germany, a black man about to be hanged by the KKK, and a Vietnamese man who is attacked by US soldiers.

During the filming of the Vietnamese segment, some explosives caused the (real) helicopter they were using to go out of control, and the helicopter's right skid crashed into the first child, Renee Chen. Shortly after, the chopper's rotor blade decapitated Vic Morrow and the second child, My-ca Le.

The full story can be read here, at the Crime Library web site.

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zomg how horrible! =O