Friday, May 30, 2008

Sorry, no pictures

When I got home today, I found Norm frantically shedding his old shell, exoskeleton, whatever.

I tried to take a photo for the blog, but my stomach turned when I looked at the preview screen on my digital camera.

Trust me, you're better off not seeing it. It looks like he grew a third claw, and then starting eating himself from the stomach upwards. Urgh.

I am a bit concerned though, because he's doing most of this stuff on his back.

an9ie: Do you think I should turn him over? He might not be able t0 breathe when he's on his back!

My brother (who was there beside me watching the carnage): Nah, it's not like he's a horse and he's gonna crush his insides that way.

Man, between our combined knowledge of the animal kingdom, and our l33t* narrating skills, David Attenborough had better watch his back.

Update (30/05/2008 7.30am): Norm is out of the old shell! But he left behind one of his new front claws. My poor baby. And there is something that looks like a three-clawed mutant yabbie in my tank. Ew! Also, he's all lopsided now. My poor baby! Oh, and he'll probably eat his old shell. Ew!

* Translation provided for non-nerds.

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Anonymous said...

oh i wish you HAD posted a picture. would have been grotesque but awesome. XD