Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Shunning

The other day, I was reaching across MFC's desk for something, and accidentally tipped over one of his desk mascots. It may have been the monkey, or the rabbit, but I really can't recall.

MFC: Hey! Put that back the way it was!

an9ie (Oh, I'll put it back alright): I don't like your tone of voice, mister. And I don't think your friends like it either. Behold ... the shunning.

an9ie: It's an Amish shaming technique. Look, even the happy solar-powered dancing guy can't bear to look at you, and he likes everyone.

an9ie: Mr Kodama here, he doesn't even speak English. But he's giving you the shun as well.

MFC: Fine, fine. I GET it.

MFC: You are evil. Now will you turn them back around?

an9ie: No.

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Anonymous said...

haha you guys are too cute. XD