Friday, May 02, 2008

Passing Time

As I sit here eating Crunchy Nut Clusters, or, as I like to call them, Diabetes Flakes, it occurs to me that I haven't blogged, or even twittered, for a while, and probably have no readers left.

Luckily, I seem to be my biggest fan.

So, what's new? I was down to two small tetras in the tank (and they weren't looking too good) so I decided to get a new pet. A pet that is apparently indestructible, although lately he has been sleeping on his side lately and I don't think they're meant to do that.


He's a blue yabbie (for the non-Australians, they're a kind of mini-crayfish) and his name is Norm. Yabbies are usually brown, but blue ones aren't uncommon. When they've just moulted, their new shells can be a very vivid, almost electric blue colour.

Like most of the men in my life, Norm is lazy AND belligerent. Bwahaha! (I can get away with that because MFC refuses to read my blog. Reason given: "It just seems ... wrong.")

I've also been doing quite a bit of studying, which unfortunately takes priority over fun, creative stuff. Having said that, some new t-shirt ideas have started dancing around in my head, uninvited, so I may have to put their designs on RedBubble soon so they will SHUT UP.

I was also playing Final Fantasy XII, (which I think I told people about via Facebook) but after 65 hours of gameplay, even the thought of watching Captain Basch's firm behind as he runs after yet another monster with his big axe has palled. I still think Basch is a hottie though, and judging from the fan-made video tributes on YouTube, so do about 800,000 young girls and boys. Run, Basch, run!

Tonight, I discovered locked room games, or "Room Escape Games", as calls them. Who knew there were so many fantastic free Flash games on the Internet?

So far I have played:

  • Room Fake - which I *avoids eye contact* ended up cheating on horrendously. In fact I think what I did went over and beyond what most people would define as cheating. When my brother caught me doing it, his upper lip might have curled a little.
  • The Final Spell - low-budget Harry Potter. Still fun.
  • The Great Living Room Escape - funky music, not too much brain power required. And that hamster is cute.
  • Ponpon House - very 3D pretty. I wish my room looked like that. The bonus mini-game at the end is hilarious! She doesn't seem too happy about the squid though. Perhaps she's not a fan of calamari.
And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get started on the aptly-named Bon Voyage.


Anonymous said...

1) No offense to Basch, but Balthier for the win

2) I love those games. And it's not cheating, it's lateral thinking

an9ie said...

Well, I'd go out with Balthier, but I'd be thinking of Basch :) And have you seen Balthier's partner? She is smokin' hot AND has claws.

Just finished Trapped 1 & 2 which was pretty good :) Started playing Goliath the Soothsayer, which is pretty spooky, but then it crashed on me :(

Anonymous said...

oh thank you for those links! i spend my days on (man, i feel nerdy for admitting that >_<) but i could really use something else to do sometimes. ;]

Anonymous said...


I've been awhile in replying because I don't quite know what to say about Norm. I can't say "Wow he's so cute!" because I fear things that can hurt me (and he has some pretty nasty-looking claws). I also can't say anything mean because, apart from being a nice person :P, I am the 'queen' of weird pets, from my marine snail, to my axolotyl. So I will just say Yay to you for getting a pet which you like (even if he does look scary :P).

Also thank you so much for sponsoring Bailey - I didn't think anyone would care!! I've now recruited 3 friends to come with us on the day, all with their dogs, so it's going to be crazy-fun!


an9ie said...

Hi Kathry!

Heehee, that's OK, his Mum (me) thinks he's cute at least, and he's quite timid, hides in his mug when I'm cleaning the tank. Hasn't tried to nip anyone yet, and in any case his claws are pretty little.

How could I not sponsor Bailey? He's such a cutiepie! Have fun on the walk :)