Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello My Beauty

I have been bitten by the motorcycle bug. A few weekends ago, my friend J invited me over for cookies, but her secret plan was really to lure me into her garage to show off her very cute , bumblebee-yellow Yamaha SRV 250.

That woman is pure evil, I tell you.

MFC has been riding dirt bikes since he was a kid, and now that he has a Yamaha 1100 something or other cruiser (sorry, I wasn't paying attention), he has been trying to get me to ride pillion with him for a while. I've been um-ing and ah-ing about it for an even longer while.

When you have a mother who works in the medical field and regularly comes home with stories about young people who are now para/quadraplegics due to motorcycle accidents, and have to be taught a totally different way of doing number twos for the rest of their lives, AND you've been cursed with an overactive imagination, AND you're so uptight that you could swallow coal and have it come out a diamond, well, you get the idea.

But J is also quite conservative, so I expressed surprise that she had become Satan's trolley girl.

J's response was that it was partly because she was conservative, that she wanted to learn this new skill; to take some risks and overcome her fears. Or something like that, I was too busy admiring the bumblebee bike.

She said she minimised risk by:
- Riding for pleasure only. That is, not riding to save money or commute.
- Riding only in fine weather, and never at night.
- Gearing up with the best protection she could afford. This means helmet, boots, jacket with elbow and shoulder protectors, kevlar pants and gloves*.

By the way, J is in her mid-thirties and the mother of two boys. She just got her motorbike (250cc) licence this year. You go, girl!

So I've decided to give it a try. Last weekend, I went to Lloyd Chapman Motorcycles with my sister, not without a little trepidation. I walked in expecting to be looked over by bikies and ended up talking to a lovely girl named Karina, who combined beauty and brains and good cheer in equal measure, and was so patient with the two newbies with the attention span of day-old chickens.

Most of my stuff had to be put on order, but I did find a helmet in my size and brought it home, where it endured caresses and try-ons for most of the evening--I even dreamt about it that night.

I tried on a number of brands, but the Shoei ones ended up fitting best. And look at it! Lookie. Look. Isn't it BEEYOOTIFUL?

A dragon!

Another dragon!

And a little flower at the back! (I love the attention to detail. Damn, do the Japanese make good stuff or what?)

I picked the Shoei XR-1000 Miyu helmet. And I know I look like a total "ricer", but if they cost the same, why would I get a boring plain one, when I could get a glorious matt silver one with blue trim and add a blue iridium visor? Mmm, blue iridium visor.

Mind you, if I'd seen the Scorpion Black Dahlia there, old Bluey here may have had some stiff competition.

But I am not setting foot behind MFC on a motorbike until I get all my gear. I like my fingers (needed for art, and making rude gestures at MFC), toes (dancing and might go back to kendo), elbows (need those for art AND dancing) and butt (dancing, oh, and sitting) too much. Even if I get on his bike one time and decide I hate it and never ride again, if I have a small fall that one time, and my gear ensures I don't lose a finger or crush an ankle, or jellify my brain, I shall consider that money well-spent.

* I think I may go one better and also add in a Dainese back protector for good measure.

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Anonymous said...

oooo cool! i don't think i could drive a motorcycle myself but i would like to ride one. my dad had one when i was a kid but no one ever let me ride it :(
the bf has one as well but it was flooded in a.... flood about a year ago and so is un-ridable. :(
good luck! i can't wait to see the rest of your gear! :D