Friday, May 09, 2008

Animal deaths make me cry

Now, before everyone thinks I'm modelling myself after John Keats and going all, "She dwells with Beauty--Beauty that must die," while crying into my absinthe, I have to tell you that I just watched the "official" music video of I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

It is a live video of the singer in his bedroom watching a hole on the floor get bigger, and while I enjoyed the song, my eyes were drier than the Gobi Desert.

So it was definitely the cartoon rabbits that did it. I think most people cry when they see animals dying in movies. As for human deaths on screen, I find that unless it's a story that has really drawn me in and is all poignant and atmospheric and whatnot, I feel a little regretful, but not that distressed when I see them. This is probably not a good thing.

Fictional animal deaths that have made me cry:


- Old Yeller.
- The little abandoned dragon in Temeraire.
- The pet dog, BOTH TIMES in Robin Hobbs's Assassin series. DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO KILL HIM TWICE, ROBIN? TWICE? DIDJA? I bawled so hard my eyes were wonky the next morning.

Although, some weird non-animal scenes as well have made me cry, like in Hook when the little boy lifts up Robin Williams's glasses and goes, "Oh, there you are, Peter."

I had to clean the tear splashes off my glasses so I could watch the rest of the movie.