Monday, March 17, 2008

You can scratch aquaculture off the job list

Oh dear. The last swordtail in my fish tank has died.

I got quite a fright when I lifted up the little manhole (fishhole?) cover in the tank's lid to sprinkle in some fish food. The corpse was floating directly beneath my fingers, its glassy eyes staring up at me.

Obviously Fate had conspired with the dead fish's soul to shave some fish years off my life (via heart-stoppage), as fitting retribution. This shadowy doubt became more concrete when I tried to flush The Body down the loo and it kept bobbing up again and making me shriek. In the end I called my sister, who said in a know-it-all tone, "Don't you know that you have to stuff some toilet paper on top of it first?"

On the bright side, I suppose I should be glad the haunted castle hadn't claimed another victim.

Now there are only three little tetras left in the tank. And considering how inbred and fragile the little tykes are, they probably won't last that long either.

Bother. Perhaps I should stick to growing plants. Or Sea Monkeys.

Or plastic divers.

Update (11.02pm): MFC has just sent me an e-mail.

Eww... you know, you're not meant to flush fish. Lazy people do that. Just bury them next time.

I have been chastised.

Truthfully, it did occur to me to bury The Body. Of course, this thought did not emerge until after the second flushing. I think it was my limbs blocking the message to my brain, because the lazy sods cannot be bothered walking the three steps from the fish tank to the front door, and then unlocking the five thousand bolts and deadlocks my parents have installed.


Anonymous said...

aww poor fishy. i almost killed mine recently. it was actually my mom's and i took it because she didn't want it. i didn't think to put it in water the same temperature as its old water and put it into shock in freezing water. whoops! >_<
aw, for the inbreds you should have funerals.

Juliness said...

Really? You're not supposed to flush fish? Huh.

Our 'free' carnival-won goldfish appears immortal. We've left it in a freezing house for a long weekend, ditto during the hot summer season - and it continues to THRIVE.

Just as well, since I've grown fairly attached to the little guy and like to talk to him while I make dinner. (We keep his bowl in the kitchen.)