Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is It That Time Already?

Would you guys like a little break from all the travel blogging?

Was that a resounding "meh" I heard?

Well, there's a new post on my CNG blog! Click here to read about my upcoming 15 year high school reunion. (Yes, yes, do the maths and laugh it up, people.)


Anonymous said...

I attended my 25 year (primary School) reunion in 2001. I loved it! I was thinner and had more hair than most of the guys. The class bully turned out to be an unemployed alcoholic with a loud, nagging partner. The good people were still good people. My favourite teacher who I owed a lot to, was there. The number of class mates who were no longer with us was fairly sobering. I discovered that Marie Louise also had a crush on me in year seven! You should go - if there is anyone there who gave you a hard time at school, just pretend you don't recognise them. When they tell you their name, say you still cant remember them. Nothing will infuriate them more than to think they were insignificant to you. Jaymez

Juliness said...

Great advice from Jaymez!

I went to my 20th high school reunion a couple years ago and had a great time. Really.

An added bonus is that after the 20th HS reunion, you no longer have to do the math on how old you are.