Monday, March 17, 2008

Examples Of How I Have Wasted My Life, No. 1

Wow, I am on fire this week!

Only two days ago I was tearing my hair out and staring at an empty Notepad file, wishing that something interesting would happen so that I could write about it.

Then I realised that nothing that interesting was going to happen, so I might as well write anyway.

Click here to read about something mundane that I have transformed into really interesting reading*.

* If I say it often enough, someone might believe me.


Juliness said...

Now see, I thought that was interesting! Great job in taking the 'everyday' and making it fun to read.

But, OMG, I could have lived several lifetimes and not missed hearing about that German movie. Icky.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Angie - but give us the name of that movie!Jaymez