Monday, February 18, 2008

Another beginning, and twice the fun

Update (27/02/2008): Dagnabbit! Sorry, guys, the site is in beta, so it'll be up and down, and they might be changing the address too. I'll change the link below when it's working again.

It is with great pleasure that I announce my blogging debut for Perth's Community Newspaper Group (CNG).

I'll still be here at Blogger, especially when the occasion demands tens of lurid photographs (you haven't seen my Singapore pre-Chinese New Year special yet!), or I need to tell you That Thing MFC Said, or show you more pictures of the world's most evil rabbit, but I will also be posting regularly (this should make you very happy, Kathry), for the CNG.

Here's to new beginnings! I hope you can all take this journey with me and don't mind having a little more an9ie in your day.


Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeeeee! I got a personal mention, AND there's going to be regular bloggings for me to read!! Wheeeeeee!

thanners said...

Oh cool, so you decided to do it after all (c:

Genevieve said...

ooo i'm excited for your new adventure! i'll add it to my list. ^_^

i can't wait for your "catch- up" posts on what's been going on. :)

Anonymous said...


The link you posted doesn't seem to be working anymore :( I don't know if it is just me or whether it doesn't work for anyone, but it is making me sad because I can't read your blogs :(