Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oh crudler, I've just remembered a nasty thing about me + travel to tropical climes.

I am a mosquito magnet.

Proof: last night at MFC's, we spent the same four hours in the same room and while he remained unscathed*, I acquired twelve mosquito bites that swelled into the size of fifty cent coins.

That's three bites per limb, people. And I needed two of those limbs to scratch myself with.

The itching was so bad it took me ages to fall asleep (even after MFC kindly sprayed some Stingoes on me). I wonder if Stingoes gives you hallucinations , because I dreamt I was wandering through a carnie house with motion activated holograms. As I entered one room, a full-sized Darth Vader appeared, swinging his light saber at me. I shrieked and ran away.

Anyway, time to go to the supermarket and stock up on every item in this list.

* I think they got close enough to be hit by the beer fumes emanating from his pores and then just passed out.


Anonymous said...

that dream sounds awesome. i keep having nightmares that i'm back at my job. x_x

i hardly ever get bothered by mosquitos. i'm not sure why, either.

Juliness said...

Ooooh, maybe you are allergic? Can you take Benadryl w/o becoming comatose? That always helps me although I can only take it at night, for the above reason.