Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Walk Score

A very neat site that shows you the "walkability" of your address. I thought, "Uh-huh, bet it just works for New York or the US," but typed my street address and suburb in anyway. I also omitted the fact that I was in Australia.

And it still found me. Amazing.

Some of the business details it picked up are incorrect and it missed a few places, but I'm still impressed.

The two addresses I put in had a walk score of 8 to 17 out of a hundred, this is to be expected in suburban Perth, where people's legs don't work properly and we are all expected to have cars.

Go to, type in a street address and suburb, e.g. "12 Walker St Walktown" and watch it go!


Blandwagon said...

My place scored 34. The software's idea of a bookstore within "walkable distance" was nearly 8 kms away.

Nevermind the fact that there are two better bookstores less than 3 kms away that it didn't pick up. Admittedly those are in Carousel Shopping Centre, where despair and frstration are provided free to all customers.

Genevieve said...

my neighbourhood got a 40 out of 100, haha.
they got quite a bit wrong, actually! they called CVS Pharmacy "CBS Pharmacy" which made me laugh (CBS is a TV station around here). half the places they named i've never even heard of. weird.

Anonymous said...

Well I got 55 out of 100. Some businesses I had never heard of and a park or two missed! Jaymez

Anonymous said...

ha ha I also got under 'Drug Stores' DEPT OF HEALTH. Must be some dealers there. Jaymez

Juliness said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes to Phil! He appreciated everyone's comments - although it still sort of freaks him out that I have this amazing group of friends I've never laid eyes on. :-)

Bronwyn, said...

Thanks Angie, that's fun to play with. Where I grew up (rural SE Qld) scored 0! hehe

My town in central Qld scored 75, even though it didn't find a lot of what is here.

Mousee said...

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