Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saving energy - a little restraint goes a long way

I was just outside hanging out the washing (and yes, I know it's almost midnight, but it's nicer to hang out your laundry in the cool night air, than the rotisserie that is daytime Perth) and I noticed that one of the neighbours had turned on their refrigerative air-conditioner.

This reminded of an article I read the other day about the energy problem (this is what we fancy science folks like to call it). Basically, the premise was, instead of looking for ways to make more energy, perhaps we should use less. I know this sounds incredibly simplistic, and there are factors like a growing population, industry, and so forth, to consider.

You know, I'm not the sustainability saint. Far from it. But I switch lights off when I'm not in a room, I don't like clothes dryers, and I know that in Perth we get a few hot nights where you stick to your mattress when you lie down, but tonight is not one of them.

It is delightful outside, and quite pleasant inside. I don't even need the fan on in my room. And I'm working with a laptop that's pumping out hot air through its side vents.

People just reach for that air-conditioner switch too easily these days. Can you wear a cooler shirt? Open a window? Turn on a fan? Have an iced drink? Do you really need to refrigerate the entire house?

The worst of summer is yet to come. Why not delay that gratification a little?


Juliness said...

Oooh, all great points. Since we are headed right into winter-time, I will make it a point to bundle up and drink hot tea instead of reaching for the thermostat. In this area, as in most things, it IS the little changes that matter.

Anonymous said...

i forgot you're on the other side of the equator. we're about to get into winter here and you're coming upon summer! trippy! :P

i hate a/c. i rarely use it. i like to have windows open if i can. in my car, i hardly use it either.

in the winter i prefer to bundle up or have a tiny space heater to turning the heat way up in the house. save energy!

an9ie said...

I'd love to have a white Christmas one day! Dripping with sweat on Christmas Day while singing in church about "dashing through the snow" gets tiring :p

In winter I like to bundle up in bed with a good book - I'm so envious of you guys!

Blandwagon said...

You sing 'Jingle Bells' at church?

an9ie said...

Actually, come to think of it, I think the last time I sang "Jingle Bells" was in Sunday school. Which is kind of churchy, right?

It was Sunday school in an equatorial climate, which still made it kind of silly.