Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Easy 10 dollars

Today my brother received the easiest 10 dollars he's ever made.

Let me start by saying that there is a haunted castle in my fish tank.

I saw it on eBay and thought it looked absolutely wonderful. Then it arrived, and it was a little smaller than it looked in the picture (aren't they all?) but no less enchanting.

I thought the fish would treat it like their aquatic Hogwarts, but instead it is the fish equivalent of the Elephant's Graveyard.

The fish population started swimmingly (hee), with three female swordtails in the tank at the beginning of the year.

Then swordtail #1 went missing six months ago, and one day, while I was cleaning the tank, I lifted up the castle and a half-decomposed corpse floated to the surface, in the tradition of all the best horror stories.

There was a grinning head, and from the fins down, a sharp, bare spine. The tail was still attached, but was torn and bedraggled and coming to bits. The eyes, one hanging on by a thread of flesh, stared at me. Accusingly.

I fished swordtail #1 out with a net, gagging a little, and yelled at the other fish for not letting me know about the body stashed in the castle.

Then a couple of weeks ago, swordtail #2 started ailing. It looked like the lower half of its body was paralysed, and then one day it began to hover listlessly at the bottom of the tank and I suspected the end was in sight.

The next day it disappeared, and I knew the castle had claimed another victim.

So I asked Glen if he wanted to do me a favour. "Easiest 10 bucks you'll ever make!"

"What's the catch?"

"You have to lift up the castle, find the body, and dispose of it. No body, no money. No disposal, no money. If I even catch a TINY glimpse of it, no money."


Sometimes little brothers can be very useful.


Juliness said...

Oh, it's so sad about the fish. Creepy about the castle, but very sad about the fish.

an9ie said...

Poor S2, I can only hope it was quick.

And that castle is CURSED, I tells ya, CURSED.