Monday, November 26, 2007

The Animal Crossing story

This is a little story that is making the rounds on the Internet, about a game called Animal Crossing, and a boy and his mother. I will admit that it made me a little teary, especially since I fell asleep last night thinking about my parents, and how life is too short--we should be using it to spend more time with the people we love*.

* I'm looking at you, Nathan Fillion.


Juliness said...

Next time please give a Tissue Rating to stuff like that, ok. For instance, that video was at least a '5' since I am still weepy and have used approximately 4 Kleenex.

Good reminder though.

Anonymous said...

:'( sooo sad, i told my mum that and she broke up in tears D=
It's very touching
I fell so sorry for the kids that happened to, and the mum... my mum loves that game to, but not like that much!
Sending all my love and tears...