Friday, October 19, 2007

Shoes! AKA Friday night out with the family

Frugal, but fun. We all like cheap shopping, and we all like cheap food. So it's win-win for everybody.

We met at a central (free) carpark outside of the city, and went in one car to Harbourtown (a huge outlet mall, for the non-Perthians) and found free parking outside. Mission: to stock up on bulk discount vitamins (Blackmores, but pretty cheap nonetheless - Seatone ... Vitamin E ... B Complex ... placenta - just kidding about the last one).

I saw colostrum capsules for sale in that store.

Colostrum, people. That's the thick clear liquid that lactating mothers produce in the first few days after giving birth. The stuff their boobies leak before the milk sets in. (Yes, I'm very romantic about childbirth.)

What animal did they get that from? And how?

The mind boggles. Also, yech.

Then to Taka's for cheap Japanese. I had a large tori karaage (essentially fried chicken) with soup, rice and salad for $7. Mmm, delicious deep-fried battered flesh. Green tea is free.

More free parking, even though it was late night shopping and the city was crowded. My sister knows a "secret place" tucked away in an alley somewhere.

Can't tell you, sorry. Family secret.

And finally to the charity stores, where I found FOUR pairs of shoes for summer in almost new condition.

And brand names too, from the left, clockwise:

  • Diana Ferrari - leather, smart-casual,
  • Stegmann sandals - made in Germany, leather soles and uppers, casual-casual,
  • Shoo Biz/lipstik shoes, office-casual,
  • and some brand called "r" - brand new, with unmarked soles, party-possibly office.

Mao gives his stamp of approval to my purchases.

All for $51
. Never before has a vice been so affordable.

I also bought two skirts, one of them Esprit, for $7 each.

Dad and Glen bought a couple of books, and my sister got some shoes, a couple of summer frocks, and a leather Sachi handbag. Mum just enjoyed herself giving unsolicited advice.

"Stilettos? I don't care how cheap they are! My friend broke her ankle wearing those and the tendons still haven't knitted together after 6 months!"


Update (10.26pm): Heavens to Betsy - I've been walking around in the all-leather Stegmann sandals (the ones at the top of the picture), and let me tell you - those Germans really know their stuff! It's like walking on fluffy clouds stuffed with kittens, lined with baby swans--cygnets, I mean. My feet actually prefer to wear these rather than going barefoot. I can see what's going to get a lot of wear this summer.

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I. Want. Those. Pink. Shoes.