Saturday, October 20, 2007

Say hello to today's RedBubble Community Featured Artist!

Everyday the RedBubble Community page selects an artist to feature on its front page - and today, it was me!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get some free publicity for your portfolio. Not only have I been getting lots of new comments on my work, but I've also sold a canvas print (Camouflage) and a t-shirt (The Wrong Unicorn) since yesterday.

Thank you, RedBubble!


Anonymous said...

I looked at your Red Bubble sight the other night as I was so impressed with the work in progress 'Playing for', which I saw the other day. I wanted to check out the finished product. It is fantastic. I love it! I have wondered, since I know you are a great writer, whether you have considered doing children's story books with this and some of the other characters you have created? I reckon you would be able to write stories which were engaging to adults as well as children. Probably with 'adult subtext'. Do Red Bubble publish books too? Anyway, I am just really impressed by your creative abilities Angie. Well done! Jaymez

Anonymous said...

yay! i'm so happy for you! woo! :D

Juliness said...

Look at you!! Awesome stuff, my dear.

I mean, we all knew how talented you are, but it's nice to see more people realize it.