Thursday, October 18, 2007

Meme-ing Mangie

A little something I received from juliness at Fresh and Sassy this week.

"Links to posts inside your blog are more important than links to your home page. The players of the SEO meme select three posts they want to promote, and add their name and chosen posts to a list of links in their "taggers" post, then post the whole list inside their blog. A minimum of 5 people are tagged by each new player. The new players are encouraged to read posts from everyone so that the work of fellow bloggers can be discovered and enjoyed."

Mahala - Uncle Hubert's Custom Cows, Pray For The Child At Big Lots, The Legend Of Saushie's Crotch

TIFF - How I Am Like Ron Weasley, A Social Experiment, Absolutely Boring Entry 101

Renn - Mum, Horror Story, Die, Frau, Die

Cravey - One Foot In Front Of The Other, Madline, A Wee Confession

No Celery Please - Sometimes You Just Gotta Meme It, I WON! I WON!, Closest Thing To Hell On Earth

Tracy - An Interesting Life, Tracy's House Of SUCK, Nature Kicks My Ass and as a special bonus, The Monkey Should Pull Through

A Day In The Life, Dog Poop, Hot Sun And Pure Meanness and Why Children Are Like Tuna Casserole


Juliness's picks were: Angie (oo - that's me! - Angie), the fabulous (and newly engaged) Courtney, the intriguing Ms. Horrible Warning, creative and curly-headed Jes, and the awesomeness that is Tex.


Update (20/10/2007, midnight): Oops, Sophie in the comments had the right of it, I'm mean to promote three of my own posts. Sigh. This is what happens when I don't read the instructions properly.

The posts that I can think of right now, just when I want to go to bed, and can think rationally, are:
Any ghost stories to tell?, because I really would like to hear your stories, Conversations with my sister, because it makes me laugh, and I love doxies/Meeting Chopper - how I loved that little guy (even though he hated me on sight)!

Angie's winning racers are (and I'm including posts as well, even though I don't have to):
Fell by Blandwagon,
What's the sound of a feeling? by Genevieve from Collateral Damage,
Random Ranting by Sophie,
and Music is Life by ThickBlackOutline, because I really want to buy the t-shirt in yellow.

A very, very special mention must go to #59: Pauline Hanson, by the political cartoonist Jon Kudelka, whom I know from RedBubble.

Not just for the cartoon, even though that is good too, but for the hilarious comments, especially comment number 7 and number 30. Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing when I read these.

Feel free to continue this meme or not, as you wish :) The easiest way to copy and paste the code is to view the page's source and then copy and paste the html into your blogging software's html editor.


Sophie said...

OOh! You picked me! *feels speshul*

But...weren't you supposed to pick three of your entries? Or am I missing something?

an9ie said...

But you ARE speshul Soph :) I think you're meant to pick five posts from five blogs, because linking to posts counts more than linking to blogs. Much more interesting than me reading my own entries anwyay :p

an9ie said...

Oops, you're right, Sophie. This will teach me not to read the instructions carefully. That's why you're the mathemajiggacian and I'm just a rambling blogger.

Changes made.