Friday, October 26, 2007

In which I meet Neil Gaiman and do him a favour

I'm wandering around a deserted cafeteria, when who should appear but ...

Neil Gaiman: Oh, an9ie, I'm so glad you're here!

an9ie (OMG it's Neil Gaiman!): Hi Neil! What can I do for you?

Neil Gaiman (hands me a bulky text): I've just finished writing a brand new book that NO ONE has ever seen before. I really need you to read through it and see if you like it.

an9ie (OMG a new Neil Gaiman graphic novel!): Um, o-okay.

So I start reading it and it doesn't have a lot of words but there are all these incredible pictures.

I turn page after page, awestruck. I'm pretty sure it's Neil's finest work*.

Something about ancient islands appearing somewhere, except I can't go into too much detail in case I decide to steal the idea and use it later in a book.

I'm halfway through, I must finish it. I will never forget this incredible day.


an9ie: &*^%-ING ALARM!

* Mind you, thinking back, all I can recall now (apart from the island-thingy) is that there was a Viking in it who looked like Izzy Sparks** from Guitar Hero II.

** Izzy looks like the gay love-child of Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi. In the game, he's described as something of a ladies' man *chortle-chortle-snigger*