Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Any ghost stories to tell?

Update (25/10/2007):

Update ends here.

With Halloween around the corner, someone in the RedBubble forums has started a thread called "Your scariest real ghost encounter".

Head on over and read my entries, if y'all feel like some light relief. Go on, I'll wait.

But then you have to send me all yours!

Have you (or a "friend") had a ghostly encounter?

E-mail me the story by heading to this link, or post it in the comments, or in your own blog, and let me know the link. Then, on the 31st of this month, I'll put up a mighty post of collective ghost stories that we can all enjoy.

I'll also include my stories from that thread, for anyone who missed out on this post and didn't go to the Bub (what we call RedBubble when we're too lazy to type the full name out).

Whee! At the very least you'll have ample fodder to frighten the kiddies with.

Mmm, frightening children, one of my favourite pastimes.


Anonymous said...

oo! oo! i have SO MANY ghost stories but here's my scariest one:

when i was 14, i was in my bed laying there. i couldn't sleep because i have really bad insomnia. suddenly my bed shook. it knocked against the wall. i shrunk under my covers, wondering what was going on. it shook again. i shrunk lower. it started shaking and knocking against my wall really hard- i thought i was going to fly off my bed. i shrieked and hid completely under my covers. it suddenly got ICE COLD in my room and my covers were completely ripped off me. i shot up out of my bed and grabbed the door to run out. the door stuck for a second while the bed continued to knock against the wall. finally it opened and i ran out, screaming up the stairs and into my parents' room.

i never slept in that room after that. i took over my sister's room and eventually moved upstairs. i never went in that room after dark and only went in there when someone was with me and during the daytime. after that, it was always REALLY cold. we even had a renter down there and he said creepy things happened in there and it was always really cold.

an9ie said...

Hooray! A response! Otherwise it was just going to be me and my 3 not-so-creepy tales :p

P.S. Gen, if that had happened to me, I think I would have peed myself and then passed out. Although, having ghosts around could make for some cheap air-conditioning, if you didn't mind the constantly creepy aura :)

chels said...

so i have been looking for a possible explanation for this because i have never beleived in ghosts before.. ever. now.. i am totally freaked out. so last night me and my friend went to a pizza place and we went down this hallway to go to the bathroom.. it was really narrow and there is only one mens and one women bathroom. so this little kid who is about 3 feet tall runs in front of us and opens the womens bathroom and goes inside. we both were like, why is a little boy going in the girls bathroom? we assumed it was a boy because he was wearing a dark grey hooded sweatshirt with his hood on. so we were waiting right outside the door.. talking.. for at least 10 minutes.. and my friend gets impatient and starts knocking on the door. we don't hear anything.. so she knocks again. then she just opens the door and looks inside. she screams and i look inside.. there is no one therre!!! we were sooooo freaked out we ran out of the pizza place to our car and went home!